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Ihrer Internationalen Spedition!


Relations Domestic transport European transport Main areas: Benelux, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia Eastern Europe
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Welcome to Rainer Bartsch GmbH
Internationale Spedition

We offer you a wide range of transport solutions and logistics services!
And we provide all this as a complete end-to-end service!

We are specialized in the following countries: Benelux, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

As a haulage company the PLC Rainer Bartsch GmbH Internationale Spedition is a trusted partner for various renowned customers in Europe. Our activities are mainly focused on European truck transport.
As a haulage company we are also dealing in our own name since 2004-2011.
Truck transport
  EDP-supported logistics solutions
LKW Verkehre Logistik We ensure that your goods are handled in a reliable way and on time!
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  Wir sind immer darauf bedacht die Vorstellungen und Anforderungen unsere Kunden festzuhalten We are always keen to meet the ideas and demands of our customers ..
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Import / Export   Customs clearance
Übersee Export / Import - Transit, Stückgut, Container, Anlagen, Konsumgüter Our experienced partners ensure a customs declaration of your goods according to the applicable scale of charges..
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  Seit über 25 Jahren bieten wir unsere Dienstleistungen in allen Bereichen der Zollabfertigungen an. For more than 25 years we offer our services in all the areas related to customs clearance.
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You have got the Load - we organize the Transport!
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