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Relations Domestic transport European transport Main areas: Benelux, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia Eastern Europe
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General Terms and Conditions

All our business is transacted exclusively on the basis of the German Freigt Forwarders' Standard
Terms an Conditions (ADSp 2017), as amended.These limit in Section 23 AdSp the statutory liability for
loss of or damage to goods in accordance with Section 431 HGB (German Commercial Code) for goods in
the forwarder's custody to 8,33 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) per kg; in the case of a contract of multimodal carriage - including sea transport - to 2 SDR per kg,and over and above this per claim or Event to EUR 1 Million or 2 SDR per kg, whichever is the greater.

The ADSp 2017 can be downloaded from our Website: ADSp

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